Carrot juice—-Do’t forget it~!

Carrot juice is made by fresh carrot. For the abundant carotene and other nutrition it has, the carrot juice has nutrient value of improving eyesight, improving one’s looks and other good effect.

It also could reduce blood press, anti lung cancer and so on, the carrot juice suits the patients of cancer, high blood pressure, nyctalopia,xeroma, anorexia and pachulosis.

As the main raw material of carrot juice, there about 0.6 g protein, 0.3g fat, 7.6-8.3g sugar, 0.6mg ferrum, vitamine A 1.35-17.25 mg, vitamine B1 10.02-0.04mg, vitamine B 20.04-0.05mg, vitamine C 12mg, calorie 150.7 kj and other amino acid of pectin, starch, mineral salt in every 100g of carrot. In many kinds of carrot, the deep orange carrot is the one that contains largest amount of carotene.

There are fluent carotene contained in carrot which would become vitamine A after been affecred by enzyme of intestinal tract. If someone’s body is lack of vitamine A, he or she would get the dry skin and the lower ability of anti infection of eyes, respiratory passage, urinary tract and intestinal mucosa. Lacking of vitamine A would effect kids’growth of teeth and bones. Modern pharmacodynamics study shows that, there has some matters in carrot which could reduce the blood sugar. After been drawn through aether petrolei, there would has a kind of yellow matter in carrot which could reduce blood sugar of animals and peopel evidently. Besides, if someone drink carrto juice three times everyday could reduce blood pressure and anti lung cancer. Some anti-cancer professors thought that, smokers who drink carrot juice or eat carrot usually, their incidence of cancer would be reduced evidently than the one who do not eat or drink.


The many kinds of nutrition contained in carrot could protect eyes evidently, especailly the carotene which could change to the vitamine A after been absorbed. And the vitamine A and protein could combine into erythropsin which is the important matter for retina’s staff cell to feel weak light. And vitamin A could make the epithelium mucus secretion inorder to prevent the ophthalmoxerosis.

Juicing a fresh carrot and patting your face with 10-30ml fresh carrot juice after you clean your face every day and night, and wating for the face dry and use plant oil on the hands patting face softly. Besides, drink a glass of carrot juice everyday could remove colour spot for the fluent vitamine A in the carrot.

But there are some things you should pay attention to, for after been juiced abundent nutrition has diappeared from carrot, such as, cellulose. If you eat carrot with wine would make large amount of carotene go into the body with alchol which would make toxin in liver. You’d better not eating carrot with wine at the same time.


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